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Putting Up With Bird Sh*t

The headline reads "Bird Droppings Do Not Damage Car Paint, Study Says" on this autoevolution article. Autoglym's study found "bird dropping ‘acidity’ has no effect on a paintwork."
"As a result of this new research by our R&D team in Letchworth, we now understand why bird droppings are a frighteningly potent hazard to bodywork,” said Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym.

As bird droppings become ever more prevalent through spring and into summer, motorists must be extremely vigilant to avoid permanent damage, especially those who park their cars under trees at home or at work. The only way to prevent the paint becoming noticeably tarnished is to carefully remove deposits as swiftly as possible,” added Caller.
Here are some tips from Autoglym for minimizing the risk of bird droppings:
• Remove the deposit at the earliest opportunity
• Motorists should use a moist cloth – Autoglym’s Bird Dropping Wipes are ideal – to gently lift the deposit from the surface
• If the deposit is dry or doesn’t lift easily, place a moist cloth over it for ten minutes to soften the deposit
• Dispose of any cloth or wipe used to remove bird droppings immediately and carefully wash your hands, as bird lime can harbor diseases