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First Drive Of The 2012 Coupe By KBB

Kelly Blue Book comments,
After a day of flogging these two turbocharged versions of the 2012 Cooper Coupe we came away deeply impressed and fully convinced this cheeky newcomer truly is a Mini with a mission. While we can't formally vouch for the top speed of either the JCW or Cooper S, there's no doubt that both are genuinely exhilarating exercises that can carve corners with remarkable eagerness and are likely to appeal to a mini-niche of young, adventurous and largely single buyers culled from the ranks of current owners and conquest candidates. Exactly how many ultimately will value the tangible but modest at-the-limit advantages that separate this uniquely styled and configured point-and-scoot specialist from its more practical four-passenger Hatchback sibling remains to be seen. And those who really do believe in the power of two also face one additional dilemma: opt for a 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe now or wait until its canvas-topped Mini Cooper Roadster runningmate arrives in February.